November 13, 2022

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How to Get Involved On #GivingTuesday

Every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give.

Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor out, or showing up for an issue or people we care about, we each have something to contribute. Identify your gifts, pick a cause that gets you fired up, and give back – not just for GivingTuesday but every day.

Create A Donation Station

  • Leave extra supplies (nonperishable food, OTC medicines, cleaning products, laundry detergent) for your neighbors in a common area (near mailboxes, building lobby).
  • Create a Little Free Pantry/Little Free Library in your community.

Reach Out To The Elderly.

  • Call or video chat with an older person in your life.
  • Have a talent? Schedule a virtual performance.
  • Contact a local nursing home to find out what they need.
  • Write a letter to a senior and mail or deliver it to them.

Post A Message Of Hope

  •  Display an encouraging message or inspiring doodle in your window.
  • Use chalk to create temporary uplifting messages on a sidewalk in front of your home.
  • Post an uplifting message on social media, or repost one from Boys & Girls Clubs.

Use Your Voice To Help Others

  • Post messages of positivity on social media.
  • Contact your elected officials in support of policies and services you care about.
  • Encourage your friends and family to give back.

Lead A GivingTuesday Event

  • Unleash generosity in your community by organizing a GivingTuesday Community movement for your city, town, or neighborhood.
  • Run a social media fundraiser for a cause you care about. Click Here to start a Campaign for Boys & Girls Clubs!

Offer Kindness

  • Sometimes a kind word is all you need to start a chain of generosity that lasts throughout the day.
  • Go beyond a “like” and make a point to offer positive feedback, compliments, and gratitude to as many people as you can today.

Create Goodie Bags For Those In Need

  • Start with non-perishable snacks and bottled water.
  • Add bandages, lip balm, and travel-sized sunscreen.
  • Include socks, menstrual supplies and hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • Don’t forget gloves and hand warmers for cold weather!

Show Gratitude For Essential Workers

  • Send a gift card for food to your fire and paramedic station.
  • Write thank-you notes to doctors and nurses.
  • Tip your delivery driver extra.
  • Post a sign for your postal worker and sanitation crew.

Pay It Forward

  • Pay for the next person’s order at the coffee shop or drive-thru.
  • Leave a gift card or cash at the gas pump.
  • Tuck a grocery store gift card & a note in a shopping basket.
  • Donate to pay utility bills for seniors or those struggling to make ends meet.

Help Your Neighbors

  • Offer to pick up supplies if you’re going to the store.
  • Help with yard work or other chores for those who are ill, elderly, or immunocompromised.
  • Share your contact info in case they need to reach out or just want to chat.

Feed People Who Are Hungry

  • Fill your community fridge, organize a pop-up free grocery store, or feed neighbors who are hungry.
  • Make an extra lunch while you make your own.
  • Want to go beyond just a few meals? Check with your local shelter or food pantry to see how you can help.

Volunteer Virtually

  • You can virtually volunteer right from your couch! Ideas include: advocating for causes, transcribing or translating materials, helping organize campaigns, and more.

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